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Contains NFS Access Control List attribute.


    TSBSftpACE ACEs[int Index];

    Property ACEs(ByVal Index As Integer) As TSBSftpACE

    property ACEs : TSBSftpACEs;
    TSBSftpACEs = array of TSBSftpACE;

    TSBSftpACE* get_ACEs(int32_t Index);

    TSBSftpACE get_ACEs(integer $Index)

    not available


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    This property contains an array of access control entries (ACE). There are various access control entry types. The server is able to report which ACE types are supported by returning the appropriate value within the aclsupport attribute.
     ACECount property contains number of ACE records.
    For more information see "NFS version 4 Protocol", RFC 3010, S.Shepler, B Callaghan et al., December 2000.
    This feature is supported since version 4 of the SFTP protocol.

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