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Contains server newline sequences


    TElSftpNewlineExtension NewlineExtension;

    Property NewlineExtension As TElSftpNewlineExtension

    property NewlineExtension : TElSFTPNewlineExtension;

    TElSftpNewlineExtension* get_NewlineExtension();
    void set_NewlineExtension(TElSftpNewlineExtension &Value);
    void set_NewlineExtension(TElSftpNewlineExtension *Value);

    TElSftpNewlineExtension get_NewlineExtension()
    void set_NewlineExtension(TElSftpNewlineExtension $Value)


    Use this property to get server newline sequences (i.e. chars, that represent end-of-line on the server). Use NewlineAvailable property to verify if the server has sent newline sequences.

See also:     NewlineAvailable     SupportedAvailable     SupportedExtension     VersionsAvailable     VersionsExtension    

Discuss this help topic in SecureBlackbox Forum