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Retrieves the attributes for a specified file


    bool RequestAttributes(string Path, bool FollowSymLinks);
    bool RequestAttributes(byte[] Handle);

    Function RequestAttributes(ByVal Path As String, ByVal FollowSymLinks As Boolean) As Boolean
    Function RequestAttributes(ByVal Handle As Byte()) As Boolean

    function RequestAttributes(Path : string; FollowSymLinks : boolean): Boolean;
    function RequestAttributes(Handle : TSBSftpFileHandle): Boolean;
    procedure RequestAttributesSync(const Path: string; FollowSymLinks: boolean);
    procedure RequestAttributesSync(Handle: TSBSftpFileHandle);
    type TSBSftpFileHandle = ByteArray;

    bool RequestAttributes(const std::string &Path, bool FollowSymLinks);
    bool RequestAttributes(const std::vector<uint8_t> &Handle);

    bool RequestAttributes(string $Path, bool $FollowSymLinks)
    bool RequestAttributes(array of byte|string|NULL $Handle)

    boolean requestAttributes(String Path, boolean FollowSymLinks);
    boolean requestAttributes(byte[] Handle);


  • Path - path name
  • FollowSymLinks - specifies whether SFTP should follow symbolic links
  • Handle - handle to opened file

Return value

    True if operation was completed successfully;
    False otherwise.


    Use this method to retrieve attributes for a specified file. Set Attributes.IncludedAttributes property to the set of attributes which you need to query.

     If all or some of attributes were successfully retrieved, the OnFileAttributes event is fired. Check Attributes.IncludedAttributes property to find out, what attributes were actually returned. The OnError event is fired if operation fails.

See also:     SetAttributes    

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