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Creates the new symbolic link on a server


    bool CreateSymLink(string LinkPath, string TargetPath);

    Function CreateSymLink(ByVal LinkPath As String, ByVal TargetPath As String) As Boolean

    function CreateSymLink(LinkPath : string; TargetPath : string): Boolean;
    procedure CreateSymLinkSync(const LinkPath: string; const TargetPath: string);

    bool CreateSymLink(const std::string &LinkPath, const std::string &TargetPath);

    bool CreateSymLink(string $LinkPath, string $TargetPath)

    boolean createSymLink(String LinkPath, String TargetPath);


  • LinkPath - specifies the name for a newly created symbolic link
  • TargetPath - specifies the target of symbolic link

Return value

    True if operation was completed successfully;
    False otherwise.


    Use this method to create symbolic links on a server side. If the symbolic link was successfully created, the OnSuccess event is fired. The OnError event is fired otherwise.

See also:     ReadSymLink     CreateHardLink    

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