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Closes the opened file handle.


    bool CloseHandle(byte[] Handle);

    Function CloseHandle(ByVal Handle As Byte()) As Boolean

    function CloseHandle(Handle : TSBSftpFileHandle): Boolean;
    procedure CloseHandleSync(Handle: TSBSftpFileHandle);
    type TSBSftpFileHandle = ByteArray;

    bool CloseHandle(const std::vector<uint8_t> &Handle);

    bool CloseHandle(array of byte|string|NULL $Handle)

    boolean closeHandle(byte[] Handle);


  • Handle - Active file handle

Return value

    True if operation was completed successfully;
    False otherwise.


    Use this method to close the active file handle. After passing to this function the handle becomes invalid and should not be used.

See also:     OpenFile     CreateFile    

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