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This event is fired when SFTP connection is successfully established.


    event TNotifyEvent OnOpenConnection;
    delegate void TNotifyEvent(Object Sender);

    Event OnOpenConnection As TNotifyEvent
    Delegate Sub TNotifyEvent(ByVal Sender As Object)

    property OnOpenConnection : TNotifyEvent;

    void get_OnOpenConnection(TNotifyEvent &pMethodOutResult, void * &pDataOutResult);
    void set_OnOpenConnection(TNotifyEvent pMethodValue, void * pDataValue);
    typedef void (SB_CALLBACK *TNotifyEvent)(void * _ObjectData, TObjectHandle Sender);

    TNotifyEvent|callable|NULL get_OnOpenConnection()
    void set_OnOpenConnection(TNotifyEvent|callable|NULL $Value)
    callable TNotifyEvent(TObject $Sender)

    TNotifyEvent getOnOpenConnection();
    void setOnOpenConnection(TNotifyEvent Value);
    TNotifyEvent.Callback OnOpenConnection = new TNotifyEvent.Callback() {
        public void TNotifyEventCallback(TObject Sender) {


    This event is fired by TElSftpClient when the negotiation is successfully completed. After this event is fired the file operations may be performed.
    In synchronous mode this event is fired before SFTP-connection is actually established. You must invoke Open method after this event is fired.
     Note, don't invoke Open method from OnOpenConnection handler.

See also:     OnCloseConnection    

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