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TElSessionPool class

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TElSessionPool is needed to store information about sessions established by TElSSLServer instances.


    TElSessionPool is used to store information about secure sessions established by TElSSLServer instance. It is needed to increase the speed of re-connections by the same client (using the same session parameters). Re-establishing the old session is much faster than creating new session.
    As the new secure session is established by server, it's parameters are added to the TElSessionPool. When the same client tries to connect again using Resume or Join method, the server searches for session parameters in TElSessionPool and restores the session.
    The client may re-establish the session that had not been closed yet. So, the client doesn't have to wait for already opened session to close to make new secure connections to server with same session parameters.     Set the Timeout property to define the session lifetime. If the session was not re-established for this period of time (in milliseconds), it will be deleted from the TElSessionPool. Use the Interval property to set the timer tick interval. That means, that information about sessions will be refreshed every Interval milliseconds. Set the MaxCount property to specify, how much sessions the TElSessionPool should remember. If the session count exceeds the limit, the oldest sessions will be deleted.



Declared in

  • Namespace: SBSessionPool
  • Assembly: SecureBlackbox.SSLServer
  • Unit: SBSessionPool
  • Package: SecureBlackbox.SSLServer.jar
  • sbsessionpool.h


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