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TElSBLicenseManager class

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This class is designed for passing registration key to the library.


If you are using VCL or .NET edition of SecureBlackbox, you should put the TElSBLicenseManager component on a form and pass the registration key via one of its properties.
You should use:

  • LicenseKey if you wish to pass the license key in binary form,
  • LicenseKeyFile if you wish the key to be read from a file,
  • RegistryKey if the key should be read from an opened registry key.
  • Properties

    Declared in

    • Namespace: SBLicenseManager
    • Assembly: SecureBlackbox
    • Unit: SBLicenseManager
    • Package: SecureBlackbox.Base.jar
    • sblicensemanager.h

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