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    static byte[] WriteOAEPParams(int HashAlgorithm, int MGFHashAlgorithm, string StrLabel);

    Shared Function WriteOAEPParams(ByVal HashAlgorithm As Integer, ByVal MGFHashAlgorithm As Integer, ByVal StrLabel As String) As Byte()

    class function WriteOAEPParams(HashAlgorithm, MGFHashAlgorithm : integer; const StrLabel : string) : ByteArray;

    static void WriteOAEPParams(int32_t HashAlgorithm, int32_t MGFHashAlgorithm, const std::string &StrLabel, std::vector<uint8_t> &OutResult);

    string WriteOAEPParams(integer $HashAlgorithm, integer $MGFHashAlgorithm, string $StrLabel)

    static byte[] writeOAEPParams(TElRSAKeyMaterial> this, int HashAlgorithm, int MGFHashAlgorithm, String StrLabel);


  • HashAlgorithm - (not yet)
  • MGFHashAlgorithm - (not yet)
  • StrLabel - (not yet)
  • this -

Possible MGF algorithm values:

The following algorithms may be used as public key algorithms:

Possible hash algorithms:

Return value

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