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TElRSAKeyMaterial Constructor

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This method creates the instance of TElRSAKeyMaterial class


    TElRSAKeyMaterial(TElCustomCryptoProvider Prov);
    TElRSAKeyMaterial(TElCustomCryptoProviderManager Manager, TElCustomCryptoProvider Prov);

    Sub New(ByVal Prov As TElCustomCryptoProvider)
    Sub New(ByVal Manager As TElCustomCryptoProviderManager, ByVal Prov As TElCustomCryptoProvider)
    Sub New()

    constructor Create(Prov : TElCustomCryptoProvider = nil);
    constructor Create(Manager : TElCustomCryptoProviderManager; Prov : TElCustomCryptoProvider);

    not available

    not available

    public TElRSAKeyMaterial();
    public TElRSAKeyMaterial(TElCustomCryptoProviderManager Manager, TElCustomCryptoProvider Prov);
    public TElRSAKeyMaterial(TElCustomCryptoProvider Prov);


  • Prov - (not yet)
  • Manager - (not yet)


    Use this method to create the instance of TElRSAKeyMaterial class.

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