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Loads the RDN from a given DN string.


    bool LoadFromDNString(string S, bool LiberalMode);

    Function LoadFromDNString(ByVal S As String, ByVal LiberalMode As Boolean) As Boolean

    function LoadFromDNString(const S : string; LiberalMode : boolean) : boolean;

    bool LoadFromDNString(const std::string &S, bool LiberalMode);

    bool LoadFromDNString(string $S, bool $LiberalMode)


  • S - the DN string from which the RDN should be loaded.
  • LiberalMode - specifies if the liberal mode should be used.

Return value

Returns True if the operation was successfull, otherwise returns False.


Use this method to load the RDN from the specified DN string.

See also:     LoadFromTag     SaveToTag    

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