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Returns a list of values for the specified Object Identifier.


    void GetValuesByOID(byte[] OID, TElByteArrayList Values);

    Sub GetValuesByOID(ByVal OID As Byte(), ByVal Values As TElByteArrayList)

    procedure GetValuesByOID(OID : string; Values : TStringList);

    void GetValuesByOID(const std::vector<uint8_t> &OID, TElByteArrayList &Values);
    void GetValuesByOID(const std::vector<uint8_t> &OID, TElByteArrayList *Values);

    void GetValuesByOID(array of byte|string|NULL $OID, TElByteArrayList $Values)

    void getValuesByOID(byte[] OID, TElByteArrayList Values);


  • OID - OID of the given RDN.
  • Values - the container for the values.


Use this method to obtain the values that correspond to the specified Object Identifier. If there is no pair for the specified Object Identifier, this method returns an empty list.

See also:     GetFirstValueByOID     GetValueCount    

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