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Saves the key to an XML string.


    string SaveToXML(bool IncludePrivateKey);

    Function SaveToXML(ByVal IncludePrivateKey As Boolean) As String

    function SaveToXML(IncludePrivateKey: boolean = False) : string; virtual;

    void SaveToXML(bool IncludePrivateKey, std::string &OutResult);

    string SaveToXML(bool $IncludePrivateKey)

    String saveToXML(boolean IncludePrivateKey);


  • IncludePrivateKey - specifies, whether to save the private part of the key.

Return value

    XML string with the key.


    Use this method to save the key to the XML string. By default, only public part of the key will be saved, but you may include also the private part by setting IncludePrivateKey parameter to True

See also:     LoadFromXML     Save     SavePublic     SaveSecret    

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