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Creates an algorithm-specific instance of public key cryptography class


    TElPublicKeyCrypto CreateInstance(byte[] OID);
    TElPublicKeyCrypto CreateInstance(int Alg);

    Function CreateInstance(ByVal OID As Byte()) As TElPublicKeyCrypto
    Function CreateInstance(ByVal Alg As Integer) As TElPublicKeyCrypto

    function CreateInstance(OID: AnsiString) : TElPublicKeyCrypto;
    function CreateInstance(OID: Integer) : TElPublicKeyCrypto;

    TElPublicKeyCryptoHandle CreateInstance(const std::vector<uint8_t> &OID);
    TElPublicKeyCryptoHandle CreateInstance(int32_t Alg);

    TElPublicKeyCrypto CreateInstance(array of byte|string|NULL $OID)
    TElPublicKeyCrypto CreateInstance(integer $Alg)

    TElPublicKeyCrypto createInstance(int Alg);
    TElPublicKeyCrypto createInstance(byte[] OID);


  • OID - Well-known OID (Object ID) of the algorithm
  • Alg - SecureBlackbox-defined identifier of the algorithm


     Use this method to create an instance of algorithm-specific cryptography class. Use this instnace to perform signing or encryption operations.

See also:     IsAlgorithmSupported     RegisteredClasses     RegisterClass    

Discuss this help topic in SecureBlackbox Forum