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This method returns IDs of all messages


    void GetMessageIDList(ref TSBPOP3MessageID[] List);
    TSBPOP3MessageID[] GetMessageIDList();

    Sub GetMessageIDList(ByRef List As TSBPOP3MessageID[])
    Function GetMessageIDList() As TSBPOP3MessageID[]

    function GetMessageIDList() : string;

    void GetMessageIDList(std::vector<TSBPOP3MessageID> &OutResult);

    not available


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    Call this method to retrieve numbers and text IDs of all messages in the mailbox. This method sends UIDL extension command to the server. To check whether the server supports this command, check the value of ExtUIDLSupported property.

    This method returns an array of entries, where each entry has a message number and it's corresponding ID.

See also:     ExtUIDLSupported     GetMessageID    

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