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This method returns information about mailbox state.


    void GetMailboxInfo(out int Messages, out long TotalSize);

    Sub GetMailboxInfo(Out Messages As Integer, Out TotalSize As Long)

    procedure GetMailboxInfo(out Messages : integer; out TotalSize : Integer);

    void GetMailboxInfo(int32_t &Messages, int64_t &TotalSize);

    void GetMailboxInfo(integer &$Messages, integer &$TotalSize)


  • Messages - on return contains the number of messages in the mailbox
  • TotalSize - on return contains total size of all messages in the mailbox


    Call this method to obtain information about the state of the mailbox (number and total size of messages). Information can be obtained after successful Login method.

See also:     GetMailboxSize     GetMessageCount     Login    

Discuss this help topic in SecureBlackbox Forum