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This method returns information about mailbox state.


    void GetMailboxInfo(out int Messages, out long TotalSize);

    Sub GetMailboxInfo(Out Messages As Integer, Out TotalSize As Long)

    procedure GetMailboxInfo(out Messages : integer; out TotalSize : Integer);

    void GetMailboxInfo(int32_t &Messages, int64_t &TotalSize);

    void GetMailboxInfo(integer &$Messages, integer &$TotalSize)

    void getMailboxInfo(TElPOP3MailboxInfo MailboxInfo);


  • Messages - on return contains the number of messages in the mailbox
  • TotalSize - on return contains total size of all messages in the mailbox
  • MailboxInfo -


    Call this method to obtain information about the state of the mailbox (number and total size of messages). Information can be obtained after successful Login method.

See also:     GetMailboxSize     GetMessageCount     Login    

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