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Logs into the token.


    void Login(TElPKCS11UserType UserType, string PIN);

    Sub Login(ByVal UserType As TElPKCS11UserType, ByVal PIN As String)

    procedure Login(UserType: TElPKCS11UserType; PIN: string);

    void Login(TElPKCS11UserType UserType, const std::string &PIN);

    void Login(integer $UserType, string $PIN)

    void login(long UserType, String PIN);


  • UserType - specifies whether Security Officer or regular user must be logged in.
  • Pin - PIN
  • AdminLogon - if True - application will be logged in as Security Officer.



    Use this method when you need to log into the token as Security Officer or regular user.
    Only regular user can manipulate private token objects. The role of the Security Officer is to initialize a token and to set the regular user’s PIN

See also:     Logout    

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