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Use this read-only property to get the certificate from the storage.


    TElX509Certificate Certificates[int Index];

    Property Certificates(ByVal Index As Integer) As TElX509Certificate

    property Certificates[Index : integer] : TElX509Certificate;

    TElX509Certificate* get_Certificates(int32_t Index);

    TElX509Certificate get_Certificates(integer $Index)

    not available


  • Index - The index of desired certificate in list. The first certificate has Index=0, the second has Index=1 and so on.


    Use this property to access instances of TElX509Certificate objects that are stored in storage. Note, that original objects are returned, not copies, so you must not dispose of these objects. You should copy the certificate if necessary. Also, remember that most devices don't give away the private key, so you won't be able to save the private key of such certificates to the stream or buffer (although signing/decryption operations are possible if supported by the device itself).

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