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Specifies if whitespaces must be trimmed from the signature.


    bool TextCompatibilityMode;

    Property TextCompatibilityMode As Boolean

    property TextCompatibilityMode : boolean;

    bool get_TextCompatibilityMode();
    void set_TextCompatibilityMode(bool Value);

    bool get_TextCompatibilityMode()
    void set_TextCompatibilityMode(bool $Value)

    boolean getTextCompatibilityMode();
    void setTextCompatibilityMode(boolean Value);


    Several versions of PGP have bug in their implementations that results in creation of incorrect text signatures.     The following paragraph is taken from RFC 2440:

    «PGP 2.6.X and 5.0 do not trim trailing whitespace from a "canonical text" signature. They only remove it from cleartext signatures. These signatures are not OpenPGP compliant -- OpenPGP requires trimming the whitespace. If you wish to interoperate with PGP 2.6.X or PGP 5, you may wish to accept these non-compliant signatures.»

    One can say that this bug also exists in PGP6.5 and PGP8.0 implementations. It is a good idea to set this property to True if you want to interoperate with those versions of PGP. Set this property to False if you need to create OpenPGP-compliant messages.

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