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Specifies whether to preserve full file names when saving the PGP file


    bool PreserveFilePaths;

    Property PreserveFilePaths As Boolean

    property PreserveFilePaths: boolean;

    bool get_PreserveFilePaths();
    void set_PreserveFilePaths(bool Value);

    bool get_PreserveFilePaths()
    void set_PreserveFilePaths(bool $Value)

    boolean getPreserveFilePaths();
    void setPreserveFilePaths(boolean Value);


    When PreserveFilePaths property is False, methods like EncryptFiles, SignFiles, EncryptAndSignFiles save only file names (without paths) to the PGP file.
When PreserveFilePaths property is True, the file names are saved exactly as they are passed to the above mentioned methods, including possible paths. This lets you put directory structures to the encrypted and/or signed PGP file.
The default value is False.

See also:     EncryptFiles     EncryptAndSignFiles     SignFiles    

Discuss this help topic in SecureBlackbox Forum