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Specifies data hashing algorithm.


    int HashAlgorithm;

    Property HashAlgorithm As Integer

    property HashAlgorithm : TSBPGPHashAlgorithm;
    TSBPGPHashAlgorithm = integer;

    int32_t get_HashAlgorithm();
    void set_HashAlgorithm(int32_t Value);

    integer get_HashAlgorithm()
    void set_HashAlgorithm(integer $Value)

    int getHashAlgorithm();
    void setHashAlgorithm(int Value);


    Use this property to get or set algorithm that will be used for hash calculation.
    Default value is SB_PGP_ALGORITHM_MD_AUTO.
    In signatures, produced by DSA-keys, the size of the hash should not be smaller than the length of the Q parameter. By default, hash algorithm used for signatures produced by DSA-keys, uses KeyHashAlgorithm value. Longer hashes are allowed (for example, it is possible to use SHA256 for DSA 1024-bit key), but not all the PGP implementations support such behavior, thus user should be careful in such situations.

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