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This method encrypts multiple files (streams) with data.


    void EncryptFiles(TElStringList SourceFileNames, ArrayList SourceStreams, string ADestFileName, System.IO.Stream ADestStream);

    Sub EncryptFiles(ByVal SourceFileNames As TElStringList, ByVal SourceStreams As ArrayList, ByVal ADestFileName As String, ByVal ADestStream As System.IO.Stream)

    procedure EncryptFiles(SourceFileNames : TStringList; SourceStreams : TList; const ADestFileName : string; ADestStream : TStream);

    void EncryptFiles(TStringList &SourceFileNames, TList &SourceStreams, const std::string &ADestFileName, TStream &ADestStream);
    void EncryptFiles(TStringList *SourceFileNames, TList *SourceStreams, const std::string &ADestFileName, TStream *ADestStream);

    void EncryptFiles(TStringList $SourceFileNames, TList $SourceStreams, string $ADestFileName, TStream $ADestStream)

    void encryptFiles(TElStringList SourceFileNames, ArrayList SourceStreams, String ADestFileName, TElStream ADestStream);


  • SourceFileNames (InFiles) - files to be encrypted.
  • SourceStreams - streams with data to be encrypted.
  • ADestFileName (OutFile) - resulting file.
  • ADestStream - resulting stream.


    The list of file names is mandatory. If the list of streams is present, each stream must have the corresponding file name. If the list is filled with streams, those streams will be put to the packed file (TAR archive). In this case the file names (without paths) are used to name the streams in the packed file. If the streams are not specified, the list of file names must contain the fully qualified names of the files which will be opened and stored in the packed file.
    The name of the resulting file is mandatory as it will be used to name the packed TAR file inside of the PGP file. If the resulting stream is specified, the processed data will be stored in this resulting stream. If the stream is not specified, the resulting filename must contain the fully qualified name of the file which will be created/opened and used to store the processed data.
    Depending on Compress and Armor property values data can be compressed before encryption and armored (wrapped into base64 envelope) after it.

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