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Encrypts the ASourceFile.


    void EncryptFile(string ASourceFile, string ADestFile);

    Sub EncryptFile(ByVal ASourceFile As String, ByVal ADestFile As String)

    procedure EncryptFile(ASourceFile, ADestFile : String);

    void EncryptFile(const std::string &ASourceFile, const std::string &ADestFile);

    void EncryptFile(string $ASourceFile, string $ADestFile)

    void encryptFile(String ASourceFile, String ADestFile);


  • ASourceFile - file to be encrypted.
  • ADestFile - resulting file.


    This method encrypts the data from ASourceFile and writes result to the ADestFile.
    Depending on Compress and Armor property values data can be compressed before encryption and armored (wrapped into base64 envelope) after it.

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