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Makes cleartext-signature over given file.


    void ClearTextSignFile(string ASourceFile, string ADestFile);

    Sub ClearTextSignFile(ByVal ASourceFile As String, ByVal ADestFile As String)

    procedure ClearTextSignFile(ASourceFile, ADestFile : String);

    void ClearTextSignFile(const std::string &ASourceFile, const std::string &ADestFile);

    void ClearTextSignFile(string $ASourceFile, string $ADestFile)

    void clearTextSignFile(String ASourceFile, String ADestFile);


  • ASourceFile - file to be signed. This file MUST contain text data.
  • ADestFile - resulting file.


    This method signs data from ASourceFile with cleartext-signature and stores returns in ADestFile file.
     Note, ASourceFile MUST contain text data.

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