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Contains KEYLEGIT bits.


    byte KeyLegit;

    Property KeyLegit As Byte

    property KeyLegit : byte;

    uint8_t get_KeyLegit();
    void set_KeyLegit(uint8_t Value);

    integer get_KeyLegit()
    void set_KeyLegit(integer $Value)

    byte getKeyLegit();
    void setKeyLegit(byte arg0);



    KEYLEGIT bits - validity bits for this key.
    Set if we believe the preceding key is legitimately owned by who it appears to belong to, specified by the preceding user ID. Computed from various signature trust packets that follow. Also, always fully set if BuckStop is set.
    To define the KeyLegit byte does not require that OwnerTrust be nonzero, but OwnerTrust nonzero does require that KeyLegit be fully set to maximum trust.

    This requires either:

  • 1 ultimately trusted signature (a signature from yourself, SigTtrust=111)
  • COMPLETES_NEEDED completely trusted signatures (SigTtrust=110)
  • MARGINALS_NEEDED marginally trusted signatures (SigTtrust=101)
    COMPLETES_NEEDED and MARGINALS_NEEDED are configurable constants.

See also:     BuckStop     OwnerTrust     SigTtrust     WarnOnly    

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