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Returns extension by its type and index.


    TElPGPSignatureSubpacket GetExtensionByType(TSBPGPSignatureExtension ExtType, int Index);

    Function GetExtensionByType(ByVal ExtType As TSBPGPSignatureExtension, ByVal Index As Integer) As TElPGPSignatureSubpacket

    function GetExtensionByType(ExtType : TSBPGPSignatureExtension; Index : integer = 0) : TElPGPSignatureSubpacket;

    TElPGPSignatureSubpacketHandle GetExtensionByType(TSBPGPSignatureExtension ExtType, int32_t Index);

    TElPGPSignatureSubpacket GetExtensionByType(integer $ExtType, integer $Index)


  • ExtType - type of the extension
  • Index - index of the item in list of extensions of the specified type.

Possible types

Return value

    Pointer to the extension of the specified type.


    Use this method to get specified extension.

See also:     AddExtension     ClearExtensions     GetExtensionCount     RemoveExtension    

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