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Adds an extension of the specified type.


    int AddExtension(TSBPGPSignatureExtension ExtType, bool Hashed /* = true */, bool Critical /* = false */);

    Function AddExtension(ByVal ExtType As TSBPGPSignatureExtension, ByVal Hashed As Boolean = True, ByVal Critical As Boolean = False) As Integer

    function AddExtension(ExtType : TSBPGPSignatureExtension; Hashed : boolean = true; Critical : boolean = false) : integer;

    int32_t AddExtension(TSBPGPSignatureExtension ExtType, bool Hashed, bool Critical);

    integer AddExtension(integer $ExtType, bool $Hashed, bool $Critical)


  • ExtType - type of the extension to be deleted.
  • Hashed - shows if this extension will be hashed during signature creating. Default value is True
  • Critical - if True extension will be marked as critical. Default value is False.

Possible types

Return value

    Returns the index of the newly added extension.


    Use this method to add new extension.

See also:     ClearExtensions     GetExtensionByType     GetExtensionCount     RemoveExtension    

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