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Removes one of subkeys.


    bool RemoveSubkey(int Index);
    bool RemoveSubkey(TElPGPSecretSubkey Subkey);

    Function RemoveSubkey(ByVal Index As Integer) As Boolean
    Function RemoveSubkey(ByVal Subkey As TElPGPSecretSubkey) As Boolean

    procedure RemoveSubkey (Index : integer);
    procedure RemoveSubkey (Subkey : TElPGPSecretSubkey);

    bool RemoveSubkey(int32_t Index);
    bool RemoveSubkey(TElPGPSecretSubkey &Subkey);
    bool RemoveSubkey(TElPGPSecretSubkey *Subkey);

    bool RemoveSubkey(integer $Index)
    bool RemoveSubkey(TElPGPSecretSubkey $Subkey)

    boolean removeSubkey(TElPGPSecretSubkey Subkey);
    boolean removeSubkey(int Index);


  • Index - index of subkey to be deleted from the list.
  • Subkey - subkey to be removed.


    Use this method when you want to remove one of secret key subkeys.

See also:     AddSubkey    

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