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Verifies detached signature from file.


    void VerifyDetachedFile(string ASourceFile, string ASignatureFile);

    Sub VerifyDetachedFile(ByVal ASourceFile As String, ByVal ASignatureFile As String)

    VerifyDetachedFile(ASourceFile, ASignatureFile: string);

    void VerifyDetachedFile(const std::string &ASourceFile, const std::string &ASignatureFile);

    void VerifyDetachedFile(string $ASourceFile, string $ASignatureFile)


  • ASourceFile - file with data.
  • ASignatureFile - file with detached signature.


    This method verifies detached signature (the signature that is transferred separately from the data).     VerifyDetachedFile fires OnSigned and OnSignatures events. OnSigned lets you know the IDs of the keys, used for verification. Verification results are passed via OnSignatures event.

See also:     VerifyDetached     DecryptAndVerify    

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