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This event is fired when clear data must be processed.


    event TSBPGPCreateOutputStreamEvent OnCreateOutputStream;
    delegate void TSBPGPCreateOutputStreamEvent(Object Sender, string Filename, DateTime TimeStamp, ref System.IO.Stream Stream, ref bool FreeOnExit);

    Event OnCreateOutputStream As TSBPGPCreateOutputStreamEvent
    Delegate Sub TSBPGPCreateOutputStreamEvent(ByVal Sender As Object, ByVal Filename As String, ByVal TimeStamp As DateTime, ByRef Stream As System.IO.Stream, ByRef FreeOnExit As Boolean)

    property OnCreateOutputStream : TSBPGPCreateOutputStreamEvent;
    TSBPGPCreateOutputStreamEvent = procedure(Sender: TObject; const Filename : string; TimeStamp: TDateTime; var Stream: TStream; var FreeOnExit: boolean);

    void get_OnCreateOutputStream(TSBPGPCreateOutputStreamEvent &pMethodOutResult, void * &pDataOutResult);
    void set_OnCreateOutputStream(TSBPGPCreateOutputStreamEvent pMethodValue, void * pDataValue);
    typedef void (SB_CALLBACK *TSBPGPCreateOutputStreamEvent)(void * _ObjectData, TObjectHandle Sender, const char * pcFilename, int32_t szFilename, int64_t TimeStamp, TStreamHandle &Stream, int8_t &FreeOnExit);

    TSBPGPCreateOutputStreamEvent|callable|NULL get_OnCreateOutputStream()
    void set_OnCreateOutputStream(TSBPGPCreateOutputStreamEvent|callable|NULL $Value)
    callable TSBPGPCreateOutputStreamEvent(TObject $Sender, string $Filename, DateTime $TimeStamp, TStream &$Stream, bool &$FreeOnExit)

    TSBPGPCreateOutputStreamEvent getOnCreateOutputStream();
    void setOnCreateOutputStream(TSBPGPCreateOutputStreamEvent Value);
    TSBPGPCreateOutputStreamEvent.Callback OnCreateOutputStream = new TSBPGPCreateOutputStreamEvent.Callback() {
        public void TSBPGPCreateOutputStreamEventCallback(TObject arg0, String arg1, Date arg2, TElPGPCreateStreamEventParams arg3) {


  • FileName - file name (as specified in PGP-message). If its value is _CONSOLE, then message is for your eyes only and should not be saved to any file.
  • TimeStamp - time of last file modification (as specified in PGP-message).
  • Stream - stream for output data that is created by the event handler.
  • FreeOnExit - If set to True, Stream will be destroyed by TElPGPReader automatically.
    If set to False, Stream will be freed manually by the application.
  • Path - path of the file, created by the event handler.
  • pcFilename - file name (as specified in PGP-message). If its value is _CONSOLE, then message is for your eyes only and should not be saved to any file.
  • szFilename - the length of pcFilename.


    This event is fired by TElPGPReader when it has to process clear data and output stream must be created for this data. The application must allocate the stream and pass it back to PGPReader in Stream parameter.
     Filename and TimeStamp parameters can be empty if input message is cleartext-signed message.
    This event is fired only if message decryption is performed using DecryptAndVerify method.

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