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Adds one more user attribute related to the key.


    int AddUserAttr(TElPGPUserAttr User);

    Function AddUserAttr(ByVal User As TElPGPUserAttr) As Integer

    function AddUserAttr(User : TElPGPUserAttr) : integer;

    int32_t AddUserAttr(TElPGPUserAttr &User);
    int32_t AddUserAttr(TElPGPUserAttr *User);

    integer AddUserAttr(TElPGPUserAttr $User)

    int addUserAttr(TElPGPUserAttr User);


  • User - the user to be added.

Return value

    Index of the newly added user.


    Use this method when you want to add new user attribute related to this key. Note, that new instance of the class being added is created, the contents of User parameter are put to this instance and then new instance is added to the list.

See also:     AddUserID     RemoveUserAttr     UserAttrCount     UserAttrs    

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