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Copies all keys to another keyring.


    void ExportTo(TElPGPKeyring Dest);

    Sub ExportTo(ByVal Dest As TElPGPKeyring)

    procedure ExportTo(Dest : TElPGPKeyring);

    void ExportTo(TElPGPKeyring &Dest);
    void ExportTo(TElPGPKeyring *Dest);

    void ExportTo(TElPGPKeyring $Dest)

    void exportTo(TElPGPKeyring Dest);


  • Dest - keyring which keys must be exported to.


    Use this method copy keys from the keyring to another one. Keys are added to the keyring with all the corresponding subkeys, signatures and user-ids.
    If a key is already present in the destination keyring, then only new information (signatures, subkeys, UserID) will be added.

See also:     AddPublicKey     AddSecretKey     AddX509Certitficate    

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