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Creates a signature.


    Sub Sign(ByVal PublicKey As TElPGPPublicKey, ByVal User As TElPGPCustomUser, ByVal Signature As TElPGPSignature, ByVal CertType As TSBPGPUserCertificationType)
    Sub Sign(ByVal Key As TElPGPCustomPublicKey, ByVal Signature As TElPGPSignature, ByVal EmbeddedSignature As TElPGPSignature)
    Sub Sign(ByVal TimeStamp As DateTime, ByVal Signature As TElPGPSignature)
    Sub Sign(ByVal SubjectSignature As TElPGPSignature, ByVal Signature As TElPGPSignature)
    Sub Sign(ByVal HashFunction As TElHashFunction, ByVal Signature As TElPGPSignature, ByVal SignatureClass As Integer)

    (1) procedure Sign(SubjectSignature : TElPGPSignature; Signature : TElPGPSignature);
    (2) procedure Sign(TimeStamp : TDateTime; Signature : TElPGPSignature);
    (3) procedure Sign(Key : TElPGPCustomPublicKey; Signature : TElPGPSignature; EmbeddedSignature : TElPGPSignature = nil);
    (4) procedure Sign(PublicKey : TElPGPPublicKey; User: TElPGPCustomUser; Signature: TElPGPSignature; CertType : TSBPGPUserCertificationType = ctGeneric);
    (5) procedure Sign(HashFunction : TElHashFunction; Signature : TElPGPSignature; SignatureClass : integer = SB_PGP_SIGTYPE_NOTSPECIFIED);


  • Signature - newly created signature will be placed here
  • SignatureClass -
  • SubjectSignature - signature to be signed
  • TimeStamp - time stamp
  • Key - subkey to be bound to the key
  • EmbeddedSignature - if Key can be used for signingthe second signature can be placed here. This parameter is optional.
  • PublicKey - some public key
  • User - the TElPGPUserIDor TElPGPUserAttr object that specifies the owner of the Key
  • CertType - certification type
  • HashFunction -

Protection type values

Signature classes


    Use this method to produce different kinds of signatures.
    (1) Makes a third-party certification of the SubjectSignature.
    (2) Produces a timestamp signature.
    (3) Produces a subkey/primary key binding signature.
    (4) Produces a user certification signature.
    (5) Used to add signature trailer to MD context.

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