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Starts asynchronous operation of generation of new key pair.


    void BeginGenerate(int Bits, int Algorithm);

    Sub BeginGenerate(ByVal Bits As Integer, ByVal Algorithm As Integer)

    procedure BeginGenerate(Bits : integer; Algorithm : TSBPGPPublicKeyAlgorithm);
    TSBPGPPublicKeyAlgorithm = integer;

    void BeginGenerate(int32_t Bits, int32_t Algorithm);

    void BeginGenerate(integer $Bits, integer $Algorithm)


  • Bits - key length in bits.
  • Algorithm - encryption algorithm.



    Use this method to start generating new key pair asynchronously. By default key secret fields are not encrypted and there is no password. You can encrypt them later by changing password/symmetric encrypting algorithm.

    Use AsyncOperationFinished method to check when the operation is finished. Call EndGenerate to complete the asynchronous operation.

See also:     AsyncOperationFinished     CancelGeneration     EndGenerate    

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