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Adds one more signature to the key.


    int AddSignature(TElPGPSignature Signature);

    Function AddSignature(ByVal Signature As TElPGPSignature) As Integer

    function AddSignature(Signature : TElPGPSignature) : integer;

    int32_t AddSignature(TElPGPSignature &Signature);
    int32_t AddSignature(TElPGPSignature *Signature);

    integer AddSignature(TElPGPSignature $Signature)

    int addSignature(TElPGPSignature Signature);


  • Signature - signature to be added.

Return value

    Index of the newly added signature.


    Use this method to add new signature to the public key. The signature should be calculated first using TElPGPCustomPrivateKey.Sign method.

See also:     RemoveSignature     Signatures     SignatureCount    

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