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TElPDFSecurityHandler class

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This is the base class for security handlers. Do not use this class directly.


TElPDFSecurityHandler is a base for the following classes:

Security handler is an entity that implements document encryption and/or signing. The encryption method depends on concrete security handler, it can be as password encryptions so open key encryption algorithm. TElPDFSecurityHandler does not implement any functionality itself, you need to create its descendants for encryption.
While the encrypted document is being loaded, TElPDFDocument object searches handler class with the necessary name in the table of registered security handlers and creates security handler object. If a document has to be encrypted you need to create security handler object first, bind it to the TElPDFDocument object, set necessary properties and call TElPDFDocument.Encrypt method.



Declared in

  • Namespace: SBPDF
  • Assembly: SecureBlackbox.PDF
  • Unit: SBPDF
  • Package: SecureBlackbox.PDF.jar
  • sbpdf.h

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