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This property is used to specify the subfilter that will be used for document signing using pstPKCS7SHA1 signature type.


    bool Detached;

    Property Detached As Boolean

    property Detached : boolean;

    bool get_Detached();
    void set_Detached(bool Value);

    bool get_Detached()
    void set_Detached(bool $Value)

    boolean getDetached();
    void setDetached(boolean Value);


    If this property is set to True, adbe.pkcs7.detached subfilter will be used when signing a document. Otherwise, adbe.pkcs7.sha1 subfilter will be used.
    Use of this property makes sense only for pstPKCS7SHA1 signature type and is ignored if pstX509RSASHA1 type is used.

See also:     SignatureType    

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