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Adds a color component to the mask.


    int AddMaskColorComponent(int MinCC, int MaxCC);

    Function AddMaskColorComponent(ByVal MinCC As Integer, ByVal MaxCC As Integer) As Integer

    function AddMaskColorComponent(MinCC, MaxCC : integer) : integer;

    int32_t AddMaskColorComponent(int32_t MinCC, int32_t MaxCC);

    integer AddMaskColorComponent(integer $MinCC, integer $MaxCC)

    int addMaskColorComponent(int MinCC, int MaxCC);


  • MinCC - minimal value to mask.
  • MaxCC - maximum value to mask.

Return value

    Returns the index of the newly added items in the lists of min and max mask values.


    Use this method to add min amd max mask values for specific color component. Use of ths method depends on the value of ColorSpaceType. For instance, for RGB images AddMaskColorComponent should be called three times (for each component R, G and B) to mask specific color or a range of colors. The min and max mask values are added to the corresponding lists: MaskColorComponentsMin and MaskColorComponentsMax.

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