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Specifies the base encoding.


    string BaseEncoding;

    Property BaseEncoding As String

    property BaseEncoding : string;

    void get_BaseEncoding(std::string &OutResult);
    void set_BaseEncoding(const std::string &Value);

    string get_BaseEncoding()
    void set_BaseEncoding(string $Value)

    String getBaseEncoding();
    void setBaseEncoding(String Value);


    Use this property to specify the predefined encoding - that is one of the: "MacRomanEncoding", "MacExpertEncoding" or "WinAnsiEncoding". Base encoding is an encoding from which the Differences entry describes differences.
If this entry is not present, base encoding is specified implicitly: whether as a font program built-in encoding or a font's built-in encoding (for non-symbolic fonts).

See also:     Differences    

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