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Specifies if security handlers have to be created on document opening.


    bool ActivateSecurityHandlers;

    Property ActivateSecurityHandlers As Boolean

    property ActivateSecurityHandlers : boolean;

    bool get_ActivateSecurityHandlers();
    void set_ActivateSecurityHandlers(bool Value);

    bool get_ActivateSecurityHandlers()
    void set_ActivateSecurityHandlers(bool $Value)

    boolean getActivateSecurityHandlers();
    void setActivateSecurityHandlers(boolean Value);


    If this property value is True, TElPDFDocument will search among registered handlers, create appropriate objects and bind them to EncryptionHandler and TElPDFSignature.Handler properties. If ActivateSecurityHandlers value is False, user has to create handlers himself and set the corresponding properties before decryption/signature verification.
    The default value is True.
    It is recommended that OwnActivatedSecurityHandlers is set to True, otherwise user should take care of disposal of all security handlers.

See also:     OwnActivatedSecurityHandlers     EncryptionHandler     TElPDFSignature.Handler    

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