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TElPDFAdvancedPublicKeySecurityHandler     See also     

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Specifies whether to save revocation info in PDF-compliant form.


    bool IncludeRevocationInfoToAdbeAttribute;

    Property IncludeRevocationInfoToAdbeAttribute As Boolean

    property IncludeRevocationInfoToAdbeAttribute : boolean;

    bool get_IncludeRevocationInfoToAdbeAttribute();
    void set_IncludeRevocationInfoToAdbeAttribute(bool Value);

    bool get_IncludeRevocationInfoToAdbeAttribute()
    void set_IncludeRevocationInfoToAdbeAttribute(bool $Value)

    boolean getIncludeRevocationInfoToAdbeAttribute();
    void setIncludeRevocationInfoToAdbeAttribute(boolean Value);


    The format of revocation info in AdES signatures does not comply with PDF standard. If this property is switched on, the revocation info will be saved in both forms. The default value is True.

See also:     CustomRevocationInfo    

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