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Initiates asynchronous signing.


    TElDCAsyncState InitiateAsyncSign();
    TElDCAsyncState InitiateAsyncSign(TElX509Certificate Certificate);
    TElDCAsyncState InitiateAsyncSign(TElCustomCertStorage CertStorage);
    TElDCAsyncState InitiateAsyncSign(TElXMLKeyInfoData KeyData, TElXMLSignatureMethod SignatureMethod, bool IncludeKey);

    Function InitiateAsyncSign() As TElDCAsyncState
    Function InitiateAsyncSign(ByVal Certificate As TElX509Certificate) As TElDCAsyncState
    Function InitiateAsyncSign(ByVal CertStorage As TElCustomCertStorage) As TElDCAsyncState
    Function InitiateAsyncSign(ByVal KeyData As TElXMLKeyInfoData, ByVal SignatureMethod As TElXMLSignatureMethod, ByVal IncludeKey As Boolean) As TElDCAsyncState

    function InitiateAsyncSign() : TElDCAsyncState;
    function InitiateAsyncSign(Certificate : TElX509Certificate) : TElDCAsyncState;
    function InitiateAsyncSign(CertStorage : TElCustomCertStorage) : TElDCAsyncState;
    function InitiateAsyncSign(KeyData : TElXMLKeyInfoData; SignatureMethod : TElXMLSignatureMethod; IncludeKey : boolean) : TElDCAsyncState;

    TElDCAsyncState InitiateAsyncSign()
    TElDCAsyncState InitiateAsyncSign(TElX509Certificate $Certificate)
    TElDCAsyncState InitiateAsyncSign(TElCustomCertStorage $CertStorage)
    TElDCAsyncState InitiateAsyncSign(TElXMLKeyInfoData $KeyData, integer $SignatureMethod, bool $IncludeKey)


  • CertStorage - the storage with signing certificates
  • Certificate - signing certificate
  • IncludeKey - specifies whether the key should be included to the signature
  • KeyData - contains the signing key data
  • SignatureMethod - specifies the signature method

SignatureMethod values:

Return value

    Returns TElDCAsyncState object describing the signing state.


    Call this method to initiate asynchronous signing process. To finalize the process, call CompleteAsyncSign.

See also:     Sign     CompleteAsyncSign    

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