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Creates a new archive entry.


    System.IO.Stream CreateStream(string Path, ulong ExpectedStreamSize);

    Function CreateStream(ByVal Path As String, ByVal ExpectedStreamSize As Long) As System.IO.Stream

    function CreateStream(Path : string; ExpectedStreamSize : UInt64) : TStream;

    TStreamHandle CreateStream(const std::string &Path, uint64_t ExpectedStreamSize);

    TStream CreateStream(string $Path, integer $ExpectedStreamSize)

    TElStream createStream(String Path, long ExpectedStreamSize);


  • Path - path to the new entry
  • ExpectedStreamSize - expected size of the new entry

Return value

    Returns the stream object for the newly created entry.


    Use this method to create a new package entry and get the stream which stores its data.

See also:     CreateEntry     CloseStream     DeleteStream     GetStream     StreamExists    

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