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Writes file content to the storage.


    void Write(System.IO.Stream Source);
    void Write(System.IO.Stream Source, TElCustomDataStorageSecurityHandler Handler);

    Sub Write(ByVal Source As System.IO.Stream)
    Sub Write(ByVal Source As System.IO.Stream, ByVal Handler As TElCustomDataStorageSecurityHandler)

    procedure Write(Source: TStream);
    procedure Write(Source: TStream; Handler: TElCustomDataStorageSecurityHandler);

    void Write(TStream &Source);
    void Write(TStream *Source);
    void Write(TStream &Source, TElCustomDataStorageSecurityHandler &Handler);
    void Write(TStream *Source, TElCustomDataStorageSecurityHandler *Handler);

    void Write(TStream $Source)
    void Write(TStream $Source, TElCustomDataStorageSecurityHandler $Handler)

    void write(TElStream Source);
    void write(TElStream Source, TElCustomDataStorageSecurityHandler Handler);


  • Source - stream with data which should be written to the storage.
  • Handler - the security handler used to perform the operation.


    Use this method to upload the file content to the storage.

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