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TElOfficeOpenXMLBaseSignatureHandler     See also     

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Returns the signed part by the part's URI.


    TElOfficeOpenXMLSignedPart GetSignedPartByURI(string URI);

    Function GetSignedPartByURI(ByVal URI As String) As TElOfficeOpenXMLSignedPart

    function GetSignedPartByURI(const URI : string) : TElOfficeOpenXMLSignedPart;

    TElOfficeOpenXMLSignedPartHandle GetSignedPartByURI(const std::string &URI);

    TElOfficeOpenXMLSignedPart GetSignedPartByURI(string $URI)

    TElOfficeOpenXMLSignedPart getSignedPartByURI(String URI);


  • URI - the URI of the signed part

Return value

    Returns a reference to TElOfficeOpenXMLSignedPart object that contains the desired signed part.


    Use this method to get the signed part by its URI.

See also:     GetSignedRelationshipPartByPartURI     SignedParts    

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