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Adds the relationships of certain part to the list of signed parts.


    int AddPartRelationships(TElOfficePackagePart Part);

    Function AddPartRelationships(ByVal Part As TElOfficePackagePart) As Integer

    function AddPartRelationships(Part : TElOfficePackagePart) : integer;

    int32_t AddPartRelationships(TElOfficePackagePart &Part);
    int32_t AddPartRelationships(TElOfficePackagePart *Part);

    integer AddPartRelationships(TElOfficePackagePart $Part)

    int addPartRelationships(TElOfficePackagePart Part);


  • Part - the package part which relationships should be added

Return value

    The index of the newly added relationships part in the list.


    Call this method to add the relationships of the desired package part to the list of parts that will be signed.

See also:     AddPartRelationshipSourceType     SignedParts    

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