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This event is fired when the certificate, used to sign the request, was not included.


    event TSBOCSPCertificateNeededEvent OnCertificateNeeded;
    delegate void TSBOCSPCertificateNeededEvent(Object Sender, ref TElX509Certificate Certificate);

    Event OnCertificateNeeded As TSBOCSPCertificateNeededEvent
    Delegate Sub TSBOCSPCertificateNeededEvent(ByVal Sender As Object, ByRef Certificate As TElX509Certificate)

    property OnCertificateNeeded : TSBOCSPCertificateNeededEvent;
    TSBOCSPCertificateNeededEvent = procedure( Sender : TObject; var Certificate : TElX509Certificate) of object;

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  • Certificate - certifcate, that was used to sign the request


    This event is fired, when the server received a signed request from the client, and the certificate was not included with the signature. You need to search for and provide the certificate. You can use RequestorName as a hint.

See also:     RequestorName    

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