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This read-only property contains the time when the reply was signed.


    DateTime ReplyProducedAt;

    Property ReplyProducedAt As DateTime

    property ReplyProducedAt : TDateTime;

    int64_t get_ReplyProducedAt();

    DateTime get_ReplyProducedAt()

    Date getReplyProducedAt();


    Use this property to specify the time at which the OCSP responder signed this response. The date and time are stored and retrieved in Universal Coordinate Time (UTC).

    The following paragraph is taken from RFC RFC 2560, part 2.5:

    «OCSP responders MAY pre-produce signed responses specifying the status of certificates at a specified time. The time at which the status was known to be correct SHALL be reflected in the thisUpdate field of the response. The time at or before which newer information will be available is reflected in the nextUpdate field, while the time at which the response was produced will appear in the producedAt field of the response.»

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