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Creates a refresh request.


    void Refresh(out int Method, out string URL, TElStringList RequestHeader, out byte[] RequestBody);
    TElOAuth2Request Refresh();

    Sub Refresh(Out Method As Integer, Out URL As String, ByVal RequestHeader As TElStringList, Out RequestBody As Byte())
    Function Refresh() As TElOAuth2Request

    procedure Refresh(out Method : integer; out URL : string; RequestHeader : TStringList; out RequestBody : ByteArray);
    procedure Refresh(Request : TElOAuth2Request);

    void Refresh(int32_t &Method, std::string &URL, TElStringList &RequestHeader, std::vector<uint8_t> &RequestBody);
    void Refresh(int32_t &Method, std::string &URL, TElStringList *RequestHeader, std::vector<uint8_t> &RequestBody);
    void Refresh(TElOAuth2Request &Request);
    void Refresh(TElOAuth2Request *Request);

    void Refresh(integer &$Method, string &$URL, TElStringList $RequestHeader, array of byte|string &$RequestBody)
    void Refresh(TElOAuth2Request $Request)

    TElOAuth2Request refresh();


  • Method - returns the HTTP method used by the refresh request.
  • Request - returns the refresh request.
  • RequestBody - contains the request body.
  • RequestHeader - contains the request header.
  • URL - specifies the URL of the request.

Return value

    Returns the newly generated refresh request.


    Call this method to create an access token refresh request. This request should be sent to the authorization server using any transport component. When the response is received it can be processed by the Process method.

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