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TElNetscapeString class

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TElNetscapeString is a descendant of TElCustomExtension class.


     This class is used as a base class for certificate extensions classes which main point is one string.
    Such classes are:

  • TElNetscapeBaseURL = class(TElNetscapeString);
  • TElNetscapeCARevokeURL = class(TElNetscapeString);
  • TElNetscapeCAPolicy = class(TElNetscapeString);
  • TElNetscapeComment = class(TElNetscapeString);
  • TElNetscapeRenewalURL = class(TElNetscapeString);
  • TElNetscapeRevokeURL = class(TElNetscapeString);
  • TElNetscapeServerName = class(TElNetscapeString);
  • TElCommonName = class(TElNetscapeString)
We would like to express our thanks to Mr. J.Peter Mugaas (the Indy Project) for adding support for the above extensions to SecureBlackbox library.


Inherited from TElCustomExtension

Declared in

  • Namespace: SBX509Ext
  • Assembly: SecureBlackbox
  • Unit: SBX509Ext
  • Package: SecureBlackbox.Base.jar
  • sbx509ext.h

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